How Does GW SUSU Work?

The GW SUSU works through the contribution of members invested in t SUSU platform. Every member in a SUSU will get disbursement of a large sum each month until everyone benefits. The amount disbursed is often greater than the monthly contribution by each member.

Is there an entry fee to join SUSU?

There is no entry fee to join SuSu it is free. However, contact GW SUSU for more information on the requirements.

How much is the monthly payment for each month?

Every member of GW SUSU platform is required to pay a certain amount of money every month. Contact us for more inquiries.

When will it be my turn for disbursement?

Every member of the will get disbursement. It will be done for each member each month. Based on the period that you registered it will get to your turn to benefit.


How do I join GW Susu

You can join GW SUSU by requesting an invite by filling the request quote form. Note that an invitation is required to be a member.

What happens when a member stops contributing to GW SUSU?

If a member stops contributing to GW SUSU, the issue will be reported to the relevant regulatory bodies because membership requires regular monthly contributions.

How do I make monthly contribution to GW SUSU?

At GW SUSU, we accept the following payment systems for monthly contribution; PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Check, Cash, CashApp. Contact us to learn more about how to make your contribution.

How about the flexibility of dropping out of contributions in GW SUSU?

Contact GW SUSU for more information about issues relating to reasons to drop out from the monthly contribution.

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Does GW SUSU make money? How does it make money?

Yes GW SUSU invests money and makes money. It makes money from investments which enables it to earn returns and disburse highly to members.

What are the benefits of joining GW SUSU?

There are many benefits of joining GW SUSU as a small business owner. You will get a chance to save money along with other small business owners and earn a high sum.



Your monthly contributions are your savings. The platform enables you to save a standard amount every month and you will have money to reinvest in your business.


Loans and Disbursements

You will get loans and large sums of disbursements. A member will benefit every month until everyone benefits.

I already belong to a group like this, why is GW SUSU better?

Your group might be a savings-only group that does not provide a large sum of money to each member. However, even if it does, Susu is trustworthy and open to all small business owners in the United States of America.