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Some amazing Reviews

 from members of the GW Susu platform

Tianna Taylor
Tianna Taylor@ttaylor
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GW Susu is one of the best Rosca savings platform out there. There's so much to benefit from here.
John Cage
John Cage@johnnycage
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Susu Platform is Amazing! Now i can save for living expenses, some going out money, and the occasional round trip to see your friend in Wisconsin. Totally awesom
Yvonne Chaka
Yvonne Chaka@yvonnechakachaka
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Since I joined the GW Susu platform, I learned that saving a percentage of paycheck is one of the easiest way to plan by enrolling in the monthly contribution and so far it has been a good ride.
Dr Kelechi
Dr Kelechi @drkelly
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GW SUSU Contributions have given me another option to save money. It is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Thank You GW Susu.